We have held several types of Arabic dance workshops, including Raqs Sharki (Belly Dance) and Arabic Jug Dance Workshops.

Raqs Sharki workshops will build a solid foundation in “Raks Sharki” (Belly Dance) through good form, knowledge of music, and movement. Class will end with impromptu dance from steps learned in class but more importantly for the joy of dancing! Intermediate level classes review foundation movements before moving on to put a dance together (either a loosely structured routine or choreography). Arabic rhythms and sagat (finger cymbals) will be introduced.  Elements of the roots of BD will be included in each class.

The Art of Jug Balancing and Dance is a very ancient tradition especially in the Near East where the pottery wheel was invented in Mesopotamia and pottery craft exploded! Women walking miles and balancing the daily food and water needs for their families began naturally dancing with them balanced on their heads! This tradition is  alive and well and will be taught by Shadia who has been performing and teaching the art of jug balance since 1980!

The workshop will start with the technique  of balancing and then move on to the wonderful folkloric movements touching on styles from the Levant, Egypt and Tunisia.

About the Instructor

Shadia has enjoyed a celebrated 40-year career teaching and performing dance in professional settings throughout the United States, Canada, South and Central America. Shadia’s popularity with diverse audiences of Middle Eastern descent comes from her strong foundation and expertise in both folkloric and classical training.

Classical Middle Eastern dance predates ballet and other modern dance forms and has its own distinct form and disciplines. It has been her lifelong mission to keep Belly Dance, or Raks Sharqi as the women’s solo dance is called, Oriental in form. Her classes present a valuable opportunity to study with an internationally beloved artist. Be sure to also explore her recently expanded online boutique,

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