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  1. Hi CAC –
    Are you still planning on offering lessons on the tabla?

  2. Hello! i’m looking for information about an Intermediate Colloquial (Jordanian/Palestinian) class. Do you offer that at CAC? If not, do you know where I could find such a thing? I would also be interested in having one-on-one conversations with someone to practice.

    • Hello Tali,
      We are not offering Intermediate Colloquial Levantine at this time. Please keep an eye out since we may offer it in a few months if we have enough of a demand on the class. The CAC also offers 3 levels of adult Arabic on Sunday if you are interested (Intro, Intermediate, and advanced). Next Sunday September 15 will be the last day you can register. If you are interested, please e-mails us at
      There are Arabic meetup groups in town that you can join for conversations.

  3. Hello! My daughter would like to learn Arabic. She took her first class at the Lexington Community Ed program, but not enough people signed up for the second class. Do you know where she can take classes/or find a tutor. Thank you.

  4. Hello,

    I wanted to know what movie you are offering for your monthly movie night. I only see movies until May, so I hope the June showing has not passed by.

    Thank you!


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