CAC Online Arabic Language and Music Learning

Dear CAC Families, Students and Teachers,

As you know, we are in the midst of a significant healthcare crisis, one that compels us to consider a number of actions to maintain the safety of our community. The health and well-being of your child(ren), of your own, and of our staff, is our clear priority.

We have been monitoring the outbreak and following the CDC for recommendations.

We have been meeting daily on this topic, and while we need more time to finalize some details, I am writing today to share an update on our decisions and recommendations to date.

We are, therefore, canceling all classes this Sunday, March 15. Instead, teachers will send activities/homework on Sunday and the music teachers will send recordings for the students to rehearse.

We are currently exploring the option of virtual teaching. We identified the platform Zoom, which can help us deliver content in a manner that is interactive and conducive to learning. Ikram Easton, the curriculum director, is currently training our teachers on how to use this platform, by Sunday March 22.

I understand that this is not the ideal situation and that the main attraction of the school was the interaction between the students. However, given the circumstances, we are trying to do our best. Your patience is much appreciated. This decision was not reached lightly.

We are planning the following:

1. Arabic Classes:

All classes from the playgroup to the adult classes will be taught remotely.

All classes will be taught at the same time of the original class times on Sundays to prevent confusion.

Each classroom will receive a link from the teacher. Once you click on the link, it will ask you to download Zoom.

Leave yourself ample time prior to class start to complete this step.

This program will allow students to interact freely with the teacher and with each other. Whoever is speaking on Zoom will be seen on the screen by everyone.

Please be in the room with your child during the lesson in case of technical glitches.

Although Zoom can be used on any device, we request that you use a computer, which allows the student to complete multiple functions, including writing.

We will provide final details once the program is in place prior to March 22.

2. Orchestra/Group lessons and Choir lessons:

We will cancel and reschedule Choir rehearsals. All orchestra and group lessons will be taught online. Please read the section under Arabic classes, as the same will apply here. Again, all classes will be taught at the same times they are offered every Sunday to avoid conflict, except that it will be a virtual classroom.

All teachers will send the students recordings this Sunday, March 15, as they usually do in addition to the live classroom, for the students to work on.

We will be back with final details by Saturday, March 21, before the start of our first virtual classroom on Sunday, March 22.

We thank you for your understanding and for your patience in these unprecedented times. Please feel free to reach out to me or to Alma Richeh with any questions or suggestions.


Randa Shedid, JD.

President of the Board

Center for Arabic Culture