Learning in a fun way

Alma, I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the program! Rami is having so much fun! I was expecting a battle to get him to go to the camp. But no, he is happily going there. AND he’s learning so much in a fun way! He’s actually singing Arabic songs at home 🙂
Thank you for such an amazing program! The community so needed something like this: learning in a fun way!
Shahla Hafez

He clearly felt pride

Rami had an awesome day today! He took the lead in many discussions across the day, starting with morning meeting. We were introducing the Arabic greeting (Marhaba) and talking about how there are a number of students in the New Wing who speak Arabic. He raised his hand and shared that he also speaks it. He came up to the board and showed us how to write his name. He then explained about the written language going from right to left, and how some letters are friendly letters and connect with other ones, while other letters are bossy and never connect. It was a special moment seeing him sharing this with the class. He clearly felt pride in his knowledge, background and culture.

Rami Hafez’s School Teacher