CAC Youth's Orchestra

Under Direction of Virtuoso Layth Sidiq


CAC Youth's Orchestra welcomes youth and children to learn both contemporary and traditional Arabic music with the best teachers and musicians in the US. The program consists of two ensembles for beginners and more advanced students.

Instrumental group lessons will be held 2 times per month. Orchestra group lessons will be held 2 times per month on Sundays following CAC Arabic School Calendar.

The Orchestra will perform two concerts per year.


Families will be responsible for purchasing or renting the instruments.
To rent Violin, Cello or Percussion instrument, you can contact: Music & Art at 888-731-5396.
To purchase Qanun from the US or the Middle East, our Qanun teacher Jamal Sinno provided the following specification to look for: "It must have at least 5 mendels or O'rab...Syrian Qanuns are well made and the workmanship is reputable. Turkey also is preferable since they make a smaller size Qanun that is more practical."
Please ask us about renting Oud and Qanun.

If you have any questions on purchasing or renting the instruments please email us at

To rent an instrument (Oud or Qanun) from CAC, click on "Buy Now" to pay with Paypal


Tuition: $610/ semester and $1215 for the entire year from Sept. 15, 2019 till May 31, 2020. ($45/ hour)
Program Location: Brimmer and May School
Class Times: Instrumental group lessons from 4- 5 pm and 5-6 pm. Orchestra lesson from 5-6 pm.

You can register by paying online or mailing a check with the registration form to CAC address at 191 Highland Av. 6B Somerville, MA 02143

Students must give at least 24 hour notice to the teacher if they cannot attend the lesson unless it is due to sickness or strong emergency. In the event that the teacher must cancel the class, there will be make up lesson rescheduled in our location in Somerville. The dates for any make up lesson will be determined by the teacher and the students.


While we are happy for parents to attend the first lesson, to feel reassured that the classes are taught in a manner commensurate with their expectations, we ask of you to please wait for your children in the dining room area of the Brimmer school, which is designated as the waiting area for our use.

This policy creates a sense of independence for the student, it strengthens the bond between the teacher and the student and it allows the teacher to give the student his/her undivided attention. Feel free to collect your children from their classrooms, so that the teacher can communicate with you at the end of each lesson what was covered and how you can assist your child in his/her weekly practice.

A Message from the Orchestra Director:

“An orchestra is a community, a gathering of like-minded individuals with the aim of making music together as well as reinforcing the shared human values that make us a better society. At the Center for Arab Culture Youth’s Orchestra, students will benefit from studying with some of the best Arab musicians in the country, both privately and as a group, as well as being part of a dedicated ensemble that will prepare and perform Arab music from its traditional repertoire to its contemporary.

The future is in the hands of our youth. With the goal of preserving and integrating Arab music within the community, this orchestra will be an essential educational experience that will bring the youth closer to the roots of Arab music in both traditional and non-traditional formats. It will also be a space where they build their character, meet other peers, appreciate and play Arab music instruments and develop the skills they’ll need to become future leaders in their fields.”
-Layth Sidiq, CAC Youth’s Orchestra Director

Orchestra 2019/2020 Calendar

The Orchestra Teaching Team:

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